This all started when I was 16...I was an associate at Structure (Structure, was a men's store owned by The Limited) and this was my big introduction into the retail industry. It's safe to say, I was hooked pretty early on...I loved the fast pace, the new arrivals each season and merchandising...that was my favorite. Of course the associate and manager discounts I was stock piling the latest and greatest styles with a deep discount. This trend continued for years...buying big, wearing them a few times and then out the door they go. 

Simultaneously, I went to my first Earth Day festival in DC when I was 16 (thanks to my sis). I started recycling, I turned off lights, conserved water when brushing my teeth, the basic "doing your part" lifestyle changes.  But not once did I think about my clothes or fashion being a problem for our planet. It took another 15+ years for me to realize that our fashion habits are damaging to our environment. So damaging that it has become the worlds second largest polluter.

We must change our "fast fashion" buying habits, just as we did when we realized we needed to separate our garbage and start recycling. It will become our new norm and the fashion revolution is happening now.  

So if you haven’t gotten off the "fast fashion" track yet, join me this Earth Day in turning over a new leaf and reducing your carbon footprint. Make April 22nd the day you ditch fast fashion. 


Here's how: 

1) Shop consignment, thrift stores, second hand. If you think it's weird to buy someone else's clothing, go check out the "new with tags" (NWT) section of consignment stores - they are packed with great items.  Also, it's not weird to shop another person's clothes...that's why we have washing machines and most consignment stores only except top quality. Bonus: You will be the smartest person in the room paying 90% off retail for the same styles. 

2) Reinvent.  Instead of running out to Old Navy, Target or H&M because you need a cute top for tonight or because they are having a 60% off sale, reinvent your current wardrobe. Mix it up, style it differently. We love these style inspirations by Pop Sugar 

3) Plan ahead. I know this is sometimes easier said than done, but planning ahead by just 2 days can make all the difference.  Online consignment, like Josie's Friends and Ebay typically ships within 24 hours.  Be sure to check the dates though, I have used before and it took about 10 days to arrive.  Still a great option if you have time to wait. 

4) Share with friends. Get your friends on board with your "No Fast Fashion" plan and go second hand shop together, swap clothes (we love these swap options by Greenopedia) and reinvent your friendship while you are at it...maybe even hug some trees together during your new wardrobe selfies. 

I look forward to sharing in your second hand shopping journey and trust me, it's not as hard as you might think.  


Christy Duncan

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