Save Money

Maternity wear is inherently temporary. After a few months, you’ll be ditching your clothing as your body grows and ultimately shrinks after the baby is born. Instead of investing hundreds of dollars on clothing that lasts only a few months, maternity consignment is the perfect way to save money. You’ll look great while you’re pregnant at a much lower price tag. 

Support Other Mothers

The best part of maternity consignment is helping other mothers make the most of their clothing. At Josie’s Friends, sellers earn up to 60% of each sale. This way, you support new moms who could use some extra spending money for diapers and onesies. 

Find Affordable Brand Names

While maternity clothing isn’t a permanent style, you still want to feel confident and look beautiful when you’re expecting. Maternity consignment gives you access to designer names at great prices so you look fabulous every day.

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