The back-to-school craze is underway and between the supplies, the clothes, the meet and greets and the schedules, what we are all really dreading is the early morning alarm that is about to become our new normal.  

Let's face it, some of us are just hoping we get our kids to school before the morning bell without some sort of disastrous event occurring. Establishing morning routines can certainly help prevent the exhausted melt downs, missing the bus or running out the house without breakfast. 

Kids feel the pressure too and the constant reminders of "hurry up", "we have 5 minutes", "we've got to go", "you need to pick up the pace" (guilty on all of the above) can make for a stressful morning for everyone.  Finding ways of taking the stress out of their morning will inevitably help you too. So, here's an idea that's easy, fun and inexpensive. 

  1. Pick up a small piece of poster board and cut out 5 strips, one for each school day.
  2. Tell them to write the day of the week on each card and then let them go to town decorating each piece.  (Extra bonus, you might be able to cook dinner in silence while this art project is underway - your welcome.)
  3. Each Sunday night, have them pick out their clothes for the week and hang it on the "days of the week" hangers in a accessible, but separate section of the closet. Note: check the weather, school schedule and PE schedule to avoid last minute changes and make sure they have a complete outfit (tops and bottoms).
  4. Establish the rules if your child needs more structure. For example: no changing outfits unless the weather dictates. 

There are similar items out there that you can buy if you want to avoid the decorating part of this routine, but it might resonate more with your child if you involve them in the process and they can see their work in action.

While this may not solve all your morning woes, maybe, just maybe, it will be one less thing to slow you down. 

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