Our feelings on consignment seem to be a mixed bag and rightfully so.  Some of us have had dreadful experiences, have felt like it is too much work or are oozing with excitement over their savings and/or making money. However, consignment has picked up momentum over the years in part due to the increase in online consignment options, but also because consumers are more educated about giving back and recycling their goods.  There are consignment options that fit every lifestyle and budget, so there really isn’t a reason not to join in the consignment trend. 

Save money: Buying consignment allows you to save up to 90% off retail prices. You will find designer products, name brand fashions and high quality items that fit your budget and your style.

Make money: Becoming a consignor allows you the opportunity to make a little money back on your purchases without consuming your time. Find a consignment option that fits your needs and lifestyle and start bringing in some cash.

Give back: When you shop, and consign with josiesfriends.com you are providing children with an education, medical attention and clean water.  Ultimately giving them the opportunity to lead a successful life and the chance to end the poverty cycle for their family.

Recycle: Buying consignment isn’t just about saving money, it’s about helping our planet. When we buy consignment, we extend the life of the clothes which reduces the carbon footprint.

Consignment is fun, fashionable and smart!  You will always need to buy clothes and you will always need to get rid of clothes so you might as well enjoy an easy, hassle free way of doing it while saving money, making money, giving back and being environmentally friendly.

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