Back-to-school shopping can put a financial strain on many families when you add up school supplies, clothes for school, active wear, shoes, accessories and all the other extras that go along with starting a new school year.   If you have multiple kids in K-12 school, you could easily spend well over a $1,000 just to get ready for the first day of school. 

Maybe you are already a consignment junkie and you get the savings benefit of shopping second hand. But, if you are planning a weekend at the mall for your back-to-school shopping you may want to think twice.  Shopping consignment can generally save you up to 90% off retail for the same name brand, quality clothing and some may even still have garment tags.  If your school requires uniforms you can also find these gently used pieces when shopping consignment. For a limited time only, Josie’s Friends is offering 30% off ALL Children’s apparel, footwear and accessories. This extra savings can make a big reduction in your overall back-to-school costs. 

Even if you supplement just half of your child’s back-to-school clothing with consignment you could save yourself hundreds of dollars. This savings means you’ll cringe a little less when your child comes home with a hole in their brand-new pair of pants after the first week of school.

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