If your child attends school where uniforms are required, it’s likely you have already started looking for ways to save on costs on their attire. Here are some ideas:

  • Year-Round Fundraising: Request a consignment bag from Josie'sFriends.com and request your items be donated to your school.  When your item sells, the school will earn money! Anyone in your school can consign and buy from josiesfriends.com all year in the comforts of their home. To learn more contact allison.childs@josiesfriends.com
  • School Consignment sale: If your school doesn’t already have a consignment sale set up once or twice a year, talk to them about arranging this event.  This is a great way for parents to swap, consign or buy consignment at the school.
  • Local Consignment Shop: Ask if they would be interested in being an official uniform consignor for your school. Work your PTA to develop this relationship and promote within the school community. 

Aside from saving money and making money through consignment, extending the life of these garments allows us to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills and reduces our carbon footprint. It’s not just a money saving trend, it’s good for our environment too!


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