I’ve always dabbled in buying consignment and have found some of my best pieces shopping trendy thrift stores in places like Boulder, Atlanta and Asheville. It wasn’t until I had kids and they started outgrowing their clothes so fast, that I quickly jumped on the consignment bandwagon...really, just to save some money. However, I’ve never fully committed to buying consignment as major part of MY wardrobe…until now.  

I spent a big part of my career working in the retail fashion industry. It’s fun, exciting, fast-paced and let’s not even get into the perks of seasonal discounts and sample sales. Cha Ching! But in the wake of this never ending buying cycle was a mountain of clothes, that for various reasons, I just didn't wear anymore. I’ve always felt good donating to charity and rewarded when I sell my items through consignment….and I still do, but my view on my consumption overall has changed drastically.  

In the last year, I have bought about 10 pieces of brand new clothing between me and my daughter; the rest have been bought second hand. Now, maybe it’s a little easier because I see product coming in daily to josiesfriends.com, but with the number of online consignment options out there, we all have an easy way to shop second hand.  The key for me is always buying from a store that accepts returns.  Just like buying from your favorite retailer, you want the option of returning or exchanging it if it doesn’t fit quite right.  

When you buy consignment, it’s not just about the money…let’s face it, fast fashion has made clothing cheap, but also disposable. Buying consignment is one way you can do your part to reduce the demand on fast fashion.  For example, when I now run into places like Target to buy dish soap and dog treats, I easily walk past the $10 sequin tutu skirt for my daughter and the cute seasonal $15 scarf for me.  Now, that’s not to say that I don’t end up with a cart full of other stuff that wasn’t on the list, but the clothing was easy to walk past. Why? Because, I’d rather buy a cute skirt and a stylish scarf second hand...for the sake of our planet. 

I’m one person, reducing the need for fast fashion and extending the life of someone else’s clothing. 


Christy Duncan, Founder, JosiesFriends.com

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