Selling Your Kids On Consignment

Selling Your Kids On Consignment

Back-to-school shopping can be a struggle on many levels. Not only can this put a financial strain on your family but it can also drive tough negotiations when it comes to your child’s stylish requests. Whether it’s the hunt for the latest trendy outfit, the must-have popular sneaker or even just the cool basics for after-school activities, these fashionable desires can be an opportunity for your child to get more involved in this decision-making process. 

Maybe you are already a consignment junkie and you get the benefits of saving money and recycling clothing, but do your kids get that too? Supplementing just half of your child’s back-to-school clothing with consignment can save you hundreds of dollars. Here are some tips for selling consignment to your kids this back-to-school season: 

Same name brands: 
When shopping consignment, you will typically find the same name brands as you would find at the mall. Buying consignment increases your overall savings and affords you the luxury of buying more of your child’s favorite brands. Picking out more outfits for school will surely be a hit! 

Unique Style:
 If your fashionista is looking for something trendy but wants a unique style, consignment offers great pieces that can be styled together. Most consignment stores have just one of each item which makes the purchase even more special. 

Love our planet: Kids of all ages love to learn about our environment and how we can love our planet. When we buy consignment, we extend the life of these garments. This allows us to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills and reduces our carbon footprint. It’s not just a money saving trend, it’s good for our environment too! 

Avoid the Stores: You don’t have to wait for seasonal consignment sales, you can shop online for consignment anytime. Let the kids jump on and fill up their cart with great looks! They also have an easy return policy so you can shop with ease. 

Shopping consignment can generally save you up to 90% off retail for the same name brand, quality clothing. You will also find brand new items labeled ‘new with tags’.  If your school requires uniforms, Josie’s Friends has a “school uniform” section for boys and girls. 

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