These days, the idea of consigning is the norm but so many of us can get discouraged with how to do it successfully.  You can go from amateur to pro in no time with these few basic tips; not to mention save yourself some disappointment in the process.  

Getting started: Before you start ripping through the closet, get yourself organized. Create three piles (use bins if you have them), one for donate, one for consignment ready and one for wash.

  • The ‘donation’ pile are items that do not meet the acceptance policy of the consignment store.
  • The ‘consignment ready’ pile are items that do meet the acceptance policy and are ready for resell.
  • The ‘wash’ pile are for items that could meet the consignment acceptance policy but may need to be washed or tended to first.   

This is a great time to get your kids involved providing they can handle seeing their “favorite shirt” that hasn’t been worn in 6 months removed from the closet.

Inspection: Often times, we have a personal attachment to our clothes without realizing it so take a look at each item carefully in good lighting without emotion. Look at each item front, back, inside and out to make sure there are no stains, discoloration, snags, rips/tears or stretched out areas of the garment and all snaps, buttons and zippers are in good working order.  Items should be relatively current (within the last 5 years unless otherwise stated by the consignment shop) and do not show significant wear.

Prep and present:  This is when you have the opportunity to “sell” your product.   Organize outfits together, fold product neatly, snap onesies, zip up jackets and neatly place all items into the consignment bag.  

Schedule: Mark your calendar to clean out closets at least 2 times a year, although 4 times a year is recommended. This process becomes easier and faster when you stay on top of it throughout the year. 

Get motivated, get the kids involved and get organized. It’s going to feel amazing to have those closets cleaned out and to make a little money in return.


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