Our first Consignment sale season of 2019 is about to kick off, and between all the local events and the increase in store inventory, (thanks to Tyding Up with Marie Kondo), you can surely revamp your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost.  

Here with some tips for a successful consignment shopping experience are a wide range of experts...from a family and parenting blogger, to consignment shop owners, to an avid consignment shopper like yourself...they are sharing their best second-hand shopping tip. 

1. Functionality and Quality:
"Check for damage and that everything works. Check the buttons, snaps and zippers to see that they are functioning. Look for stains, damage, holes or missing pieces. Check under tags and labels to make sure nothing is hidden."
- Krystyn, Really Are You Serious Blogger  


2. Open Mind:
"Be flexible. Don’t limit yourself by looking for a specific item or you may miss a great buy."
-Adele R. Meyer, Executive Director, NARTS: The Association of Resale Professionals


3. Quality:
"Shop consignment events where you know quality is key. Digging through a garage sale might get you and find or two, but going to an event stocked with quality items because of the standards for what can be sold is key."
-Rhea Lana, Founder of Rhea Lana
4. Quality of Fabric & Returns:
"I always look for piling and the quality of the fabric. When you start to see that fuzziness or piling on a garment, it means the fabric is already starting to break down and will not last you long. This happens frequently with "fast fashion" garments.  Also, accepting returns is key...you always want the option of exchanging or returning if needed. Even if the items are inexpensive, it's not worth if you don't want to wear it for whatever reason." 
-Christy Duncan, Founder of Josie's Friends
5. Efficiency:
"Review the handful of online consignment shops that are available and find the one that is most efficient for you, including search functions on its website and friendliness of the site to eliminate any hassles."
-Rhonda from California, Avid Consignment Shopper



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