Every now and then it’s important to reflect and give back to those less fortunate. With this in mind, Josie’s Friends, based Smyrna, GA, has chosen to couple their online consignment business with a good cause. As the Internet’s best source for gently used women’s, juniors, maternity and children’s clothing, they believe in more than just offering designer clothes at affordable prices. Josie’s Friends also uses a portion of their profits to support children through Children International, a respected non-profit organization. 

Understanding Children International

What is This Program’s Mission?

The primary mission of Children International, an established non-profit charity, is to end poverty worldwide. They work to make a long-term impact on children in need throughout the world by helping to provide proper nutrition, education, and employment opportunities. Children in their program have access to life changing resources to advance their future. 

How Does Josie’s Friends Support This Organization?

When the founder of Josie’s Friends, Christy Duncan attended a sponsorship event and learned of the treacherous lives of impoverished children worldwide and the unfathomable obstacles they face at such a young age it ultimately ignited a driving purpose behind Josie’s Friends. At the moment, Josie’s Friends currently sponsors four children. In addition to financial contributions, their team writes to the little ones to tell them about American culture and to learn more about their life. Watching these children grow and develop because of purchases in their online consignment store makes the business that much more rewarding. 

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