Child Sponsorship | Giving Back to Impoverished Children Worldwide

At Josie's Friends, LLC we provide an affordable, hassle-free and environmentally friendly approach to consigning and selling high quality children's items. We are committed to the health and well-being of children worldwide and with your consignment and purchases, we are able to use a portion of our profits to sponsor impoverished children. To learn more about the lives of impoverished children and the remarkable opportunity that sponsorship provides to them and their families, visit


Meet our kiddos! Sponsor-hood is a meaningful relationship between the sponsor and the child and their family that can last a lifetime. We write to our children often so that they can learn about us, what we do and our culture. It's always a great day when we receive a letter from our children as well. We enjoy learning about their daily life, seeing how their family has been positively impacted through sponsorship and receiving photos and drawings from these little ones continuously ignites our passion for our mission. On behalf of our sponsored children and our future sponsored children, THANK YOU! To all of our supporters, we are so grateful to you for giving these children the opportunity to lead a more productive and successful life. 


Rancel, Age 10

Rancel was our first sponsored child in 2015 at age 8. As you can see he is growing up and still has that sweet but confident smile. His favorite subject is math. He loves playing baseball and has a talent for singing and dancing. 



Paola, Age 12

In 2016 we sponsored Paola, then 11 years old.  She recently drew a connect the dots picture for us! She is now 12 and is still helping her mom around the house and running errands for the family. She loves math, she loves playing with her dolls and dancing. 



Juan, Age 7

Juan is 7 and loves art and literature. He enjoys playing soccer, drawing, dancing and singing. He drew a picture of his house and sent it to us in his last letter. His favorite toy to play with is his cars. We love his sweet smile and his interest in reading books.

Adaija, Age 13
Adaija is our newest sponsored kiddo and she lives in the United States, therefore we will not show her photo to protect her privacy.  Her favorite activities are cheer leading and reading and she is a talented singer and dancer. Because of funding cuts with school programs, Adaija has few social outlets and after school activities.