Child Sponsorship | Giving Back to Impoverished Children Worldwide

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We are passionate about our mission of sponsoring impoverished children worldwide and we are committed to changing the poverty cycle for these children and their family. 

Our sponsorship provides children with: 

  • The opportunity to stay in school. In many cases, children as young as 9 will leave school to work and provide for the family.  At times even young girls can be sold into marriage in the hopes of giving them a better life and to bring money to the family. 
  • Basic medical attention is enough to keep the child healthy and avoid various diseases that may be prevalent within their community.
  • Life skills as they grow and they are provided job placement after graduation.


Meet our kiddos! Sponsor-hood is a meaningful relationship between the sponsor and the child that can last a lifetime. We write to our children often to stay connected and share experiences from our different cultures.  Their pictures and letters hang on our walls as a daily reminder of our purpose driven mission. 

On behalf of our sponsored children and our future sponsored children, THANK YOU! To all of our supporters, we are so grateful to you for giving these children the opportunity to lead a more productive and successful life. When you shop with us, you are truly making a difference!