Frequently Asked Questions: Customers and Online Consignors


Q. If I purchased an item that I am not satisfied with, can I return it?

A. Yes, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Unworn items can be returned within 15 days of the transaction date for a full refund using your payment method. 


Q. How can I save more money shopping with Josie's Friends?

A. Our items can run up to 90% off retail, however there are opportunities throughout the year to gain a deeper discount. Join our Friendship Club by subscribing to our email list and earn 20% off every purchase! You can also provide us feedback or write a review on our Facebook page for added discounts.


Q: How is Josie's Friends environmentally friendly?

A: We all know the importance of taking care of our planet and just like you, Josie’s Friends, LLC considers our environmental impact with every business decision we make. Our shipping bags, packing supplies and our hang tags are all made from 100% recycled content. We avoid printing checks and flyers and we focus on keeping our business operations electronic.





Q. What items do you accept?

A. We accept Children's, Juniors, Maternity and Women's products in the following categories: Apparel, Accessories and Footwear.

Q. What if you don't accept some of my items, can I get them back?

A. Yes, choose the "Easy Return" option when you request a consignment bag and for $12, any unaccepted items will automatically be returned to you at no additional cost.

Q. Do you have an expiration date on the consignment items?

A. No we do not. We sell all seasons year round and your items do not expire. However, we periodically conduct quality checks on our existing items and if we find items that do not meet our quality standards, we will donate them. 

Q. What if I decide to take my items out of inventory?

A. You can take your items out of inventory at any time for a $20 processing fee per shipment bag plus the cost of shipping the items back to you. A PayPal invoice will be emailed to you and we will ship your items within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Q. What if Josie's Friends decides to take my items out of inventory?

A. We routinely conduct quality checks on our items. If we find an item in inventory that does not meet our quality standards, we will donate them or return them to you for the cost of shipping (if previously indicated on your consignment request form). 

Q. Who determines the retail price and markdowns?

A. Josie’s Friends, LLC is hassle free so sit back and relax. We will determine the opening price point, monitor the marketing effectiveness of the item and initiate markdowns when necessary.

Q. How do I know the status of the items I am consigning?

A. Log into your profile by clicking on Customer Area/Consignor Balance to see a list of all the items you have on consignment.

Q. How much do I get if my items sell?

A. We have three different options for you to choose from: You can earn 40-60% of the sale price. 

Q. If I have chosen a cash out option, how do I receive payment?

A. We search for business practices that are environmentally friendly, therefore payments will be made electronically through PayPal reducing the need for paper checks and envelopes. PayPal is reliable, secure and a quick form of payment.

Q. When do I get my payment for an item that has sold?

A. Payment will be made through PayPal 15-30 business days from the transaction date and when the consignor balance is $5 or more. If a consignor balance is less than $5 and there are no other items listed in the consignors account, the consignor will be paid regardless of the amount.

Q. What happens if my items get damaged or lost in the shipping process?

A. We are not responsible for shipping damages or if a shipment is lost, however, we will help in filing a claim with the shipping carrier.




Q. What items do you accept?

A. As of May 2016, we are only accepting items that are 100% handmade/designed by the designer. We love items that are knitted, crocheted and sewn. We only accept Juniors, Women's and children's items or items used by moms for children.

Q. If I have an Etsy site, can you link to my page?

A. Yes! Provide your designer name, logo and link and we can add these to our website for more exposure.

Q. What if you don't accept some of my items?

A. If you would like your items returned to you, we will return those items to you for the cost of shipping.


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