Josie's Friends Was Created to Aid Impoverished Children Worldwide

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Inside scoop: The Josie's Friends logo was created using the actual hand prints of all three family children.


The idea for an online consignment store had been brewing for several years. I was trying my best to keep up with three ever-growing small children (two step children and one of my own) and found myself driving across the city to locate quality children's consignment stores and various consignment events. Then, at the start of 2015 a profound event made me reconsider my role as a global citizen and ultimately ignited a driving purpose behind Josie’s Friends.

In February 2015, I attended a sponsorship event with my step daughter and my mother-in-law. We learned about the treacherous lives of impoverished children worldwide and the unfathomable obstacles they face at such a young age. It affected me profoundly. My heart ached at the idea of innocent children being subjected to such life-threatening dangers. We walked away sponsoring one little 8 year old boy from Rwanda, but our hearts wanted to sponsor them all.

My 20+ years in the retail industry combined with a few of years of motherhood had prepared me for this journey. However, it was that life-changing sponsorship event that inspired me to create and utilize Josie’s Friends, LLC to aid impoverished children worldwide while solving a need for convenient consignment.

We provide an affordable, hassle-free and environmentally conscious approach to buying and selling high quality products for children, juniors, women's and maternity-wear. We are on a mission to provide children access to school, healthcare and ultimately, the opportunity to lead a more successful life.

I hope you find your experience as a customer and a consignor with Josie's Friends, LLC easy, affordable and as heartwarming as we intend it to be.

On behalf of our sponsored children, thank you for being a supporter of Josie’s Friends, LLC and for giving back to children worldwide.

Warmest regards,

Christy Duncan

Josie's Friends Owner/Founder 

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